Anglican Church of the Redeemer is seeking the successor to the Rev. Brice W. Ullman, who was recently called to active duty chaplaincy in the United States Air Force. The Vestry appointed a Rector Search Committee that has been laying the groundwork for the search process and is currently considering candidates for the Rector position.  

As a parish in the Anglican Diocese of South we are bound to treat all applicants the same, i.e. provide a level playing field for all, and follow the Search Committee Manual prepared and approved under the auspices of our Bishop Foley Beach and Assisting Bishop Frank Lyons. It is important that everyone understand their role and responsibility in the process.

The Search Committee is responsible for recommending applicants to the Vestry. In preparation for the actual search process, the Search Committee has developed the Parish Profile and the Rector Profile, has advertised the position, and is beginning to receive external applications and parishioner referrals. The Committee will begin reviewing the applications and then determine which candidates to research further and ultimately which candidates to interview by telecommunication and/or in person. The Committee will continue this process until they are ready to recommend an applicant to the Vestry for consideration.

The Vestry is responsible for acting upon the recommendations of the Search Committee. The Vestry has entrusted the Search Process to the Search Committee. Once the Vestry receives the Search Committee’s recommendations, it will decide how to proceed. It may interview the top candidate or candidates or it may request that additional candidates be considered. Once this process has been completed to the satisfaction of the Vestry it will then vote on the person to be called as Rector.

Our ADOTS Bishop Foley Beach and Assisting Bishop Frank Lyons have the responsibility of approving the candidate recommended by the Search Committee and called by the Vestry.

Parishioners are responsible for praying and seeking the Lord’s Will. As this important search proceeds, please continue to pray for the Search Committee and each of its members, as well as the Vestry, Bishop Foley and Assisting Bishop Frank. We also request that you specifically pray the following: 1) that the process will be fair to all; 2) that Redeemer will remain unified during the process and after the call; and 3) that Redeemer will humbly and accurately discern God’s will for its future Rector.

If, after prayerful consideration, you would like to apply for the position or recommend a candidate, we invite you to review the Rector Profile  and Parish Profile linked on this page, then email the committee at

Profile Documents:

Parish Profile

Rector Profile


Prayer for an Anglican Rector Search
Oh, most gracious, loving Heavenly Father, we pray for the Holy Spirit to dwell in us
and to lead our efforts to find a faithful rector -- 
     one who knows, speaks, and lives Your Word, 
     one who administers Your sacraments with due reverence -- 
A shepherd who will encourage Your people for ministry
     and endeavor to equip us to fulfill our calling. 
Give wisdom and discernment to those who will choose, so that Your will may be done. 
ln the knowledge that events will happen in Your time, Almighty God, 
     we ask that You grant us patience with the process
     and unity in our common purpose, as we move forward together. 
This we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

-- ACOTR Search Committee

Note: The format of the prayer itself is important to conveying the phrasing of the prayer and that it should be reproduced in its present form. The form helps reinforce the meaning -- for the same reason that the Nicene Creed, for example, is in its format in the order of service on Sunday.